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The Nearly Deads (how great a name is that?) have just released an excellent Zombie Music Video called “Never Look Back.”

Who are the Nearly Deads, you ask? Well, they’re a five-person (sometimes four: one or two guitars, bass, drums, and lead singer), up and coming band out of Nashville that plays a kind of “new punk” music. They say their influences are My Chemical Romance and the Foo Fighters, which I agree with, but I’m also hearing hints of reggae and old punk in there, as well as a little No Doubt.

Speaking of No Doubt, as you’ll see in the video, the Nearly Deads are a girl-fronted band (or more specifically, a blonde-fronted band). This is in the tradition of great bands like (of course) Blondie with Debbie Harry up front and center, the Cranberries with Dolores O’Riordan at the helm, and the aforementioned No Doubt as led by Gwen Stafani. The Nearly Deads’ Debbie/Dolores/Gwen is Theresa Jeanne and she was born to sing rock and roll.

The Nearly Deads are quite talented and have recently been showing up on the MTV “real video” station (as opposed to “reality” shows),  MTVu. They’ve produced a well-thought-out zombie music video that starts off quite innocently (like any good zombie movie or book) and then all heck breaks loose. This song rocks and this band looks strong. And they just made a zombie video! So, what’s not to love about the Nearly Deads??

Check out the zombie music video and let the community know what you think. Like it or tweet it or digg it, as you see fit. Any reaction is great, and comments are appreciated!