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How to Survive a Zombie Attack, by Acey Duecy

Zombie games! Zombies versus Humans. When it’s real “life and death,” it’s NOTHING like a video game. Here’s a snippet of one man’s experience playing zombie games.

Zombie Games

Video games have given me the (clearly wrong) impression that valuable resources could be found in the most obscure places in any given location. If you’ve ever played a Resident Evil game, you’re well-acquainted with the tedium that goes into the quest for every spare ammo clip and health upgrade.

Sure, it’s all fun and games when you control an avatar that can literally run for hours without breaking a sweat. But when you’re hoofing it from building to building on a mildly warm afternoon, it gets a bit tiring.

Compound that with the terror that comes with the possibility of danger lurking around every corner and suddenly you’re more stressed than the time you waited until the night before your ten-page research paper was due to start typing (admit it, you’ve done this). At least the most I had to lose during my week in the zombie apocalypse was a neon-pink bandana. Oh, and my dignity.

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Sounds like a great time to me! Simple, good ol’ fashioned fun (that may actually get you in shape while you’re at it). What do you think about zombie games? Fun or dumb? Let your voice be heard below!