Just One Victory (and I’m on my way)

A Wizard, A True Star

“Just One Victory” — a song by the Runt aka Todd Rundgren, has been running ’round in my head recently. Why? you might rhetorically ask. Well, I feel the line, “give me just one victory, and I’m on my way,” is an apt anthem for all us creatives: artists, musicians, actors, but especially writers. Here’s the song, for those that don’t know it. For those that do, relive the magic!

Anyway, the “victory” in this song is about how all of us need just one thing to go right, to go as planned, and we can take it from there.[1. Of course, this applies to everyone, and everything. But for me, it particularly applies to those of us clinging to a dream...]  I’ve been following the mantra of indie authors these days: social media is god. Which means I’ve been actively setting up and engaging in:

I post to my blog almost weekly. I tweet daily. I engage, engage, engage — only authentically of course! Forever real! Meanwhile, I’m in the process of submitting my recently completed wünder-novel Mad About Undead You to “literary agents“.[2. And by completed, I mean written, rewritten, Holly'd, and then fine-tooth-combed using every means possible including Grammarly and AutoCrit,[3. Full disclosure here; these are affiliate links. To learn more about my stance on affiliations, see my About page.] and friends and loved ones reading and commenting.]

So far, I’m batting 0 for 43. Not a single request to see more. And maybe one or two “real” responses (can’t be sure), all the rest auto-responses.[4. At least they are polite and all start with some version of, "Please excuse this auto-response...]

And yes, these were very targeted submissions, to agents who said they were “actively looking” and who wanted to see “horror” in general, and even sometimes specified “zombies.”

One thing I know for sure, I’m good at writing, if nothing else. Saw a great t-shirt awhile back that said, “I Bring Nothing to the Table.” That’s how I feel. Except I do bring one thing: my ability to write.

Victory, snapped from the jaws of defeat[4. Read my pro-cliches post here.]

So, rejection is what it is. You expect it, you deal with it, you move on.[5. The quicker the better; I mean like minutes, if not seconds. File it, forget it, move on.] But you keep on dreaming. That your website/blog just might get a comment or two this week. That you might make some really good friends on twitter or facebook. That an agent just might want to see another 50 pages. That you might get just one victory, then you’re on your way.

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