This is Cathren Whitney

A no-bullshit professional working in San Francisco. Working on her relationship problems. Working on helping to keep the Bay Area zombie-free.

Find out how, or even if, she survives.

Read Zombie Ever After by Carl S. Plumer

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This is Mallory Alexander

Nice girl from a nice family. Living in NYC. Dating a great guy. But all that is about to change. When she gets kidnapped.

By demons. From outerspace.

Find out how this reality-bending tale ends.

Read Demon Days by Carl S. Plumer

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This is Flower Gardener

She's 16 years old. Never fallen in love. Never felt important. Never had a night to remember. Until now. Because tonight, she's going to save the whole world.

Find out how Flower fights the evil power.

Read Shadows of Death by Carl S. Plumer

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Zombie Ever After

There has been a leak at the cryogenics factory in San Francisco. What the fuck is cryogenics? It’s where they store the heads of famous dead people with the hope of bringing them back to life one day.

But the crazy-ass solution that keeps these heads viable has leaked into the local aquifer. What the fuck is an acquifer? It’s the baseline water source from which we get our drinking water.

And, wouldn’t you fuckin’ know it? It’s bad, bad water know that is making the local San Fransisconaughts into zombies.

Cathren Whitney and Donovan Codell are trying to make a living in the insane economy. While running away from zombies. While trying to figure out the usual “where to we go from here” stuff in their relationship.

Then Cathren gets bit. But she doesn’t transform into a zombie. Not exactly. Yes, her skin molts. Yes, body parts fall off. But, she’s a half-zombie. She regenerates. Like some kind of fuckin’ lizard.

And now, she can kick zombie ass. Sometimes. Maybe.

It’s every man, woman, and half-zombie for themselves in this zombie-infested San Francopalypse.

Get on board the Zombie Train. Pick up your copy of the bestselling, award-winning, tongue-in-cheek, ZOMBIE EVER AFTER.

Demon Days

What could be better than a party out with your friends in New York City? In the year 2035? The future is bright. In fact, the future is already here!

A future, unfortunately, filled with kidnappings and killings.


How did we get here?

I mean, we have robots that float about hither and thither to protect us. Robot doctors. Even robots inside us now. (Did I mention it’s the year far in the future, 2035!!?!)

Love is still alive. In fact, Zach loves Mallory and Mallory loves Zach.

But Zach’s in a coma. Mallory’s disappeared, presumed dead. Timothy James has been captured (his friends call him Timmy Jimmy). Patty Patty is in serious danger and goddamn it all, she’s just a kid.

And then there’s Helena, and Pistachio. And the rest of the wacky gang.

All being cut down in their prime. By beasts without feeling, without souls.

It’s the end of the world as we (haven’t yet) known it.

Love, sex, death.

This book has it all. Plus love.

Shadows of Death

A healthy patient dies without explanation. A tour bus crashes; no survivors. Electrical fires. Strange diseases. Odd, deadly accidents.

Death has come with fury to a little town south of Chicago.

And only a group of teens know why. Conner and Almira have just broken up. Conner’s best friend Ricky has some unique ways to help Conner heal his broken heart. And their friend Flower has been searching for love in all the wrong places. Searching for trouble, too.

On an ordinary weekend, out on a drive at night, they find a portal to hell. A portal that lets in an army of Grim Reapers into the world. Reapers with a hatred of all humankind. “Shadows” that immediately embark on a killing spree, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Black Plague.

Now, only Conner, Almira, Ricky, and Flower can save the world. Bring order back to a broken planet.

They’ll have to go back through that portal and sacrifice themselves in an attempt to save the ones they love.

Back into a world of screaming darkness and into an icy maze.

Back to the dominion of Death.